Monday, October 31, 2005


New Feature: Fire Major Applewhite Discussion Space!

We've noticed a sharp increase in google searches for some combination of the words "fire" and "greg robinson" over the last few weeks. Clearly a potential 1-10 record is not sitting well with the proud Syracuse faithful, with their long tradition of heroics on the gridiron.

Sadly, however, the proprietor of appears to be sleeping on the job and so, as a public service, the management team of has decided to institute a discussion space in which the state of Syracuse football can be discussed.* Please let us know your thoughts.

* Please note that we in no way endorse the firing of either Robinson or Applewhite. We actually wish them both the best and hope that they win out (or at least beat Notre Dame).

Sunday, October 30, 2005


The Second Coming of Major Applewhite, Take 3

Despite the best efforts of a new face at QB, sophomore Joe Fields (given the start in place of the erratic Perry Patterson), Syracuse fans experienced more of the same on Saturday as the Orangemen (1-7, 0-5 Big East) lost a nailbiter to the always ferocious Cincinnati Bearcats.

While Fields finished the day 5-9 and was pulled for Patterson towards the end of the game, he apparently accomplished enough to impress the head coach:

"I don't see great arm strength (in Fields)," SU head coach Greg Robinson said. "I see a little competitor out there who is feisty as all get out and he did what I thought he would do - compete - and that's his game."

In other words, he's Major Applewhite... hey, whatever gets you through the night, Coach.

Monday, October 17, 2005


Out on a limb

Syracuse 14 Pittsburgh 11

UPDATE: Sorry, I was trying to be optimistic.

Monday, October 10, 2005


FMA Special Feature: Interview with a Booster

After this year's disappointing start, sat down with a prominent Syracuse booster to get the inside scoop:

FMA: As a longtime fan, who do you blame the most for this year's poor showing?

A: Perry Patterson is to blame. Granted, he hasn't been given the most talented receivers to work with (and Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell being injured doesn't help)...but he's awful.

FMA: Admit it, does part of you wish you had Coach P to blame for this year's effort rather than the sad fact that Syracuse has a dying tradition in a dying conference?

A: I still do blame P. This team is the product of years of P's hideous recruiting.

FMA: Syracuse vs. Rutgers -- is this the worst game of the year or what?

A: I think Syracuse-Buffalo was technically the worst game of the year. Rutgers actually isn't THAT bad. Syracuse will probably be getting points.

FMA: If you could suit up anyone on the Syracuse sideline and have them play QB, who would it be?

A: Major Applewhite

Saturday, October 08, 2005


UConn pulls an Applewhite!

A redshirt freshman, pressed into duty after injuries to the starter, comes out of nowhere to carry his team his team to victory... now where have I heard this story? Try The Legend of Major Applewhite, chapter 1. It's likely, however, that Major was not quite as big a fan of the sequel which opened yesterday as UConn's D.J. Hernandez, pressed into duty after starter Matt Bonislawshi went down with a broken collarbone, ran roughshod over the Orangemen 26-7.

Applewhite's troubled protege, Syracuse QB Perry Patterson, meanwhile continued his erratic play with a Bomar-esque performance, 10-of-28 for 125 yards with one interception. Backup QB Joe Fields also got on the field to offer up an interception. At 1-4 something is wrong in Syracuse, NY!

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