Monday, October 10, 2005


FMA Special Feature: Interview with a Booster

After this year's disappointing start, sat down with a prominent Syracuse booster to get the inside scoop:

FMA: As a longtime fan, who do you blame the most for this year's poor showing?

A: Perry Patterson is to blame. Granted, he hasn't been given the most talented receivers to work with (and Rice Moss and Lavar Lobdell being injured doesn't help)...but he's awful.

FMA: Admit it, does part of you wish you had Coach P to blame for this year's effort rather than the sad fact that Syracuse has a dying tradition in a dying conference?

A: I still do blame P. This team is the product of years of P's hideous recruiting.

FMA: Syracuse vs. Rutgers -- is this the worst game of the year or what?

A: I think Syracuse-Buffalo was technically the worst game of the year. Rutgers actually isn't THAT bad. Syracuse will probably be getting points.

FMA: If you could suit up anyone on the Syracuse sideline and have them play QB, who would it be?

A: Major Applewhite

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