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Thursday, December 21, 2006


FMA Special Feature: Interview with a Buckeye

With the national championship game quickly approaching, we sat down with a prominent Ohio State booster to break down the game and some off-season coaching rumors:

FMA: Do you think Rice deserves a shot against Ohio State for the national championship given their stunning turnaround this year?

A: Probably not. While they have looked impressively better this year, and while the last time they were in a bowl they put on a strong performance (see the '61 Bluebonnet Bowl), I think they need another year before being ready for the national championship game.

FMA: Have you heard any rumors of Jim Tressel looking for a new offensive coordinator and if so what names have you heard thrown around?

A: No

FMA: If Major Applewhite were the offensive coordinator of Ohio State this year, who would be the best quarterback on the sidelines (assuming Applewhite was on the sidelines and not in the booth... and the defense was on the field)?

A: Justin Zwick

FMA: Can you think of an appropriate non-Ohio State alum to dot the "i" at the championship game?

A: Beano Cook

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