Friday, August 11, 2006


Rice Punters ("Sports from a Vegas Perspectives") give some handicapping tips for the lost souls who wager on the Rice Owls:

The Owls will now undergo the same type of drastic system switch that Army went through a few years back with Todd Berry and Nebraska went through with Bill Callahan... The returning offensive personnel on hand was all recruited for the triple option run-dominated system, and now they will be asked to execute a pass-happy scheme. The Owls will likely to take their lumps right out of the gate as they go through this transition phase much the way Army and Nebraska did in recent editions.... New offensive coordinator Major Applewhite will have his hands full with this project after having little success getting any positive progression out of the quarterbacks he coached at Syracuse last year.

The defense returns seven starters... The Owls no longer have a rushing system that can churn out yards, eat up clock and give their small and thin defense a rest. Sustained drives will now be replaced by a host of three and outs that take no time off the clock. I feel Rice will wear down defensively in every game, especially in the second half of the season. I wouldn't expect much improvement on Rice's defensive statistics this season. This team might improve in the future, but these changes are just too radical for the current personnel. I'll look to capitalize on the Owls’ coaching change by playing against them at select times this season.

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