Monday, June 18, 2007


Major Maisel Mojo

Ivan Maisel provides a peek into Major's unique philosophy regarding the importance of setting goals for oneself.
The logical question that presents itself to a 28-year-old offensive coordinator is how long before he becomes a head coach. For all his moving, Applewhite said he hasn't had a career plan. He has reacted to opportunities as they have presented themselves.

"Goals and all that kind of stuff, that's something I don't give much credence to," Applewhite said. "I want to be somewhere where I can win. I want to be at a school that has a tradition of winning and a chance to win. I want to be around good people, interesting people that I enjoy being around every day. And I want to be around people I can learn from."

He might even decide to stay with them for more than one season. Here's one clue: He and Julie, having rented in Syracuse and Houston, just bought their first home. And here's another: As Applewhite put it, "I told one of my coaching buddies the other day, 'I'm tired of installing an offense. I want to go into a spring and tweak.'"
NOTE: Thanks to our helpful readers for pointing out the incorrect usage of the word "peak"... hopefully this will put to rest the oft-stated "fact" that nobody in Alabama can read.

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