Saturday, January 15, 2011

AUSTIN -- Yesterday the Library unveiled a massive trove of newly digitized material, in anticipation of the 75th month anniversary of the site's first post. Currently the archive features approximately 200,000 pages; 300 reels of audio tape, containing more than 1,245 individual recordings of telephone calls; speeches and meetings; 300 museum artifacts; 72 reels of film and 1,500 photos.

Included in that collection are a number of historical gems, including the following:
August 15, 2010:

"It's been more than two years since our last update, what can we possibly do to live up to the anticipation that has been created?"

"I don't know, sir. It seems like we are at a bit of impasse. Major is a Longhorn first and last, that is a given. But the road to advancement in Austin runs through Broyles Award winning offensive coordinator Greg Davis and we all know he is not going anywhere."

"Not good enough. WE ARE ABOUT TO DROP OFF THE FRONT PAGE OF THE GOOGLE RESULTS! With that goes the very steady adwords cash flow that this site throws off on a regular basis and allows us all to live the lives that we lead. I can not return to 9-5 drudgery!"

"Well, nobody wants to read about firing the beloved running backs coach of a perennial national championship contender."

"That's certainly true... but... under the right circumstances..."


"Yes, what?"

"What were you saying? Keep talking."

"What was I saying?"

"You were saying in the right circumstances...?"

"Yes, it's quite possible..."

[audio ends]

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