Monday, October 31, 2005


New Feature: Fire Major Applewhite Discussion Space!

We've noticed a sharp increase in google searches for some combination of the words "fire" and "greg robinson" over the last few weeks. Clearly a potential 1-10 record is not sitting well with the proud Syracuse faithful, with their long tradition of heroics on the gridiron.

Sadly, however, the proprietor of appears to be sleeping on the job and so, as a public service, the management team of has decided to institute a discussion space in which the state of Syracuse football can be discussed.* Please let us know your thoughts.

* Please note that we in no way endorse the firing of either Robinson or Applewhite. We actually wish them both the best and hope that they win out (or at least beat Notre Dame).

You've gotta give it more than one season. It's Syracuse. You didn't think you were going to win the Big East this year did you? Trust us down here in Texas, Major is the real deal.
Yeah i agree completely....syracuse should stick to lacrosse, and give football some time to develop. you sucked before Robinson got there anyways. Robinson needs to get his players before his offense starts to work. Maybe the orangemen belong in Division 1 AA instead. Quit whining and trying to blame your suckiness on the likes of a classy individual such as the Major! hook em' Applewhite!
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