Saturday, November 03, 2007


Next Stop: Death Penalty U?

We've been getting bags of letters from our readers in Dallas about the SMU rumors. Our take: Major's too smart for that. Plus who wants to live in Dallas?

Dallas Morning News

Here's someone he should consider who doesn't fit that mold: Major Applewhite.
He helped resurrect Rice's moribund program last year and has done a good job as
Alabama's offensive coordinator. He can still draw on his experiences as a
quarterback at Texas, and he would attract any expatriate Longhorn fans.

More important: He'd install the kind of offense that would give SMU a
legitimate shot to win.

CBS Sportsline:

No matter what happens Saturday, Applewhite will be one of the hottest assistant coaches in the country. His name is already being mentioned for the opening at SMU. Hopefully, he's smarter than that.

When you successfully coordinate Alabama's offense, you deserve better than Death Penalty U.

The Sporting News:

I would expect SMU to go after a proven coach after Phil Bennett failed to
deliver in his first run as a head man. Ask yourself this: Can SMU afford to
turn over the program to an unproven coach? I say "no." Guys whom I think should
get looks are Gary Barnett, Mason and Bowden.

Still, don't be shocked to see Alabama offensive coordinator Major Applewhite mentioned as a candidate.

This would be a great move for Major. Does anyone read this blog?
14 points, at home, against Louisiana-Monroe?

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