Wednesday, September 19, 2007


FMA Special Feature: Interview with a Dawg

On the eve of the Alabama v. Georgia showdown in Tuscaloosa, we sat down with a prominent UGA booster to break down the game:

FMA: Who do you think Willie Martinez [UGA DC] has been dreaming about this week?

A: Tim Tebow, Andre Caldwell, Percy Harvin, and Cornelius Ingram.

FMA: Who do you think Major Applewhite has been dreaming about this week?

A: Mack Brown and Chris Simms.

FMA: Complete the sentence: Matt Stafford is a poor man's __________________?

A: 2003 Vince Young.

FMA: Prediction for the game?

A: UGA 37, Alabama 15.

FMA: Let's say Mark Richt were to hire Major Applewhite as OC next year and bring back Joe Tereshinski III as a graduate assistant. Who would be the best quarterback on the UGA sidelines (assuming the UGA defense is on the field and Mike Bobo is not in the box)?

A: Mark Richt.

Good call, Dawg.
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