Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Major Update

We've had close to 3,000 visitors in the last 5 days (95% from the greater Tuscaloosa metro area) so we will break tradition and provide more than a bi-monthly update. Here's a round-up of the most recent Major speculation... including a rumor about the LSU OC job:

The Prine Report:

Jimbo Fisher will not be coming to Alabama and has made up with Bobby Bowden. It was announced yesterday that Fisher will be joining the FSU staff as offensive coordinator. Now, ironically, LSU and Alabama each have Major Applewhite on their list of possible OC candidates. This could make for even more interesting drama between the two schools since Nick Saban left the Dolphins to become Bama’s head coach.

Journalism is for RockStars:

From what I've picked up, Rice offensive coordinator Major Applewhite is supposed to accept the OC job at Alabama (according to the disembodied voices at WJOX).

Of course, there are detractors of Applewhite's success at Rice (motto: "We're good at baseball. The rest can suck it."). Just ask the guys at Fire Major Applewhite!.

According to their poll, 76 percent of readers want Applewhite on a private plane to Tuscaloosa. Considering his offense was one of the best, if not the best, in Rice history, I'd be down with that.

The Birmingham News (via The Rice Football Webletter)

It was not clear when Saban will announce the rest of his staff, though a key time frame appears to be this weekend's big recruiting date.

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Amazing that someone can rise so far on a name and the fact that his helmet never fit properly.
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