Friday, January 12, 2007


Major pulls a Saban

Alabama's hiring of Nick Saban may have been a media circus but it paled in comparison to the cloud of rumors surrounding Major over the past few days. According to the Houston Chronicle, however, the saga is over:

An NCAA official confirmed that Rice offensive coordinator Major Applewhite will be named quarterbacks coach at Alabama under new coach Nick Saban.
Join us again here at FMA in two years when Saban leaves Alabama to try his hand at minor league baseball and Major becomes the head coach at TCU. (Gary Patterson to the Crimson Tide, of course, and the cycle repeats itself...)

You're a jackass! You should fire yourself, since you have all this time on your hands to post all this crazy bullshit about people you don't even know!

GET A LIFE!!!!!!
hmm, apparently the guy who made the other comment doesn't appreciate your humor. personally i love this stuff guys, keep it coming.
hey, are you one those "out of work comedians" i've heard so much about?
dont listen to the negative comments, this site is awesome
Guys, awesome blog. I love the Major. He's a hell of a coach. It's a great concept, and an awesome guy to be talking about. I was a Nebraska fan growing up, and I hated Applewhite, but I also respected the hell out of him. He's fantastic.

Ok, shameless plug, I actually have a college football blog,

Feel free to come on by.

Or don't, I still love the site. Saban made an awesome hire.
Major Applewhite may have been the smartest quarterback ever to play at Texas, and he had a great long ball. The guy is going to a great head coach someday.

Anyone who criticizes him does not know what they are talkinga about.
Ok. Everyone chill just a little bit...

This site is what's called - humor. I'm sure you've heard of it. Or, maybe not.

At any rate, you guys keep posting. it's good to see that someone is ahead of the game and when Major finally becomes a head coach you will be waiting in the wings to call for his ouster! Somebody has to do it!
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