Saturday, January 07, 2006


Talk about a meteoric rise


Former University of Texas quarterback Major Applewhite is set to join new Rice coach Todd Graham's staff as offensive coordinator, a person with intimate knowledge of the situation told the Chronicle on Saturday night.
Chris Simms loses a playoff game on the same day Major gets a big promotion... the script keeps writing itself!

P.S. What kind of offense will Major institute? Does Rice have someone on their roster that can throw a forward pass? Congrats Major, but once again you will be the best QB on your sideline.

P.P.S. The line directly above is not an anti-Chris Simms quip, but an anti-Syracuse quip. Readers of this site can be extremely touchy on this topic...

couldnt have happened to a better, more deserving guy. rice is lucky! congrats major.
Horns up, Major! But what now about this blog. Isn't it primarily a Syracuse fan site? Time for a name change. Or, you could just ditch Syracuse for Major, who, in my humble estimation, is the more worth target of your attention.

Hook'em, champions
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