Saturday, September 17, 2005


Syracuse Football: No Longer Devoid of Emotion!

In a battle of perennial mediocriti... excuse me, the blue and orange, the Virginia Cavaliers emerged victorious today with a last minute field goal to secure a 27-24 victory over the vaunted Syracuse Orangemen. With the loss, Syracuse falls to 1-2, an inauspicious start to the Robinson/Applewhite era.

So will the zooking of Robinson begin? Things still seem quiet at and one would surmise that the spirit of the Orangemen faithful is so broken by the Pasqualoni years that any outcry will take some time. See, for example, this sentiment by Dominick Cappuccilli at OrangeNation:

There are a lot of things I’m encouraged about from this Syracuse team: the main one, being the new coaching staff. I buy into their attitude, I really do. I’m also convinced Greg Robinson is genuine.


That emotion is something that has been missing around here. I don’t know if it’s because Paul Pasqualoni was so devoid of emotion, or Greg Robinson is so full of it, but either way the change is a positive. When you have the ability to get your players fired up, like I believe Robinson does, you can get them to do all kinds of amazing things.

Fair enough. As far as Major goes, it appears his protege, quarterback Perry Patterson, has been making important strides. After a miserable first outing in the loss to West Virginia and a very average game against a talent-deficient Buffalo team, Patterson had a strong game today, 17-for-26 for 172 yards, no turnovers and two rushing TDs. Seems like he's getting some pretty good coaching!

fire robinson-- this is ridiculous,what has happened to syracusr tradition. the west coast influence must disappear.
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