Monday, January 17, 2005


Step One -- Quarterbacks Coach: COMPLETE

As we mentioned in our prescient entry below, Major Applewhite's first step towards a head coaching job was likely to be as quarterbacks coach. Today, Syracuse made good on our prediction. Check back here in four years for his promotion to OC.

By the way -- as always -- this domain name is for sale. Good luck, Major, our retirement fund is depending heavily on your continuing success (and then failure).

Major Must Go!!!

- A Disgruntled Orangeman
Major Applewhite is and will continue to be the finest speciman of a man in the world. You are just a little, worthless, tinkling of a domain name speculator.... i wouldn't be surprised if you tried to sell tsunami relief domain names.
You are a sick breed.
I respect you not.
You will always be remembered as the first and only doubter.
Who can ever hate opie?
apparently you.
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