Tuesday, November 30, 2004


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Major Applewhite was a good college quarterback and I'm sure he's a fantastic graduate assistant. He'll probably make a darn good quarterbacks coach before he's promoted to offensive coordinator and finally head coach, where he may win championship after championship. He could do it all before he hits the age of 40.

But one day his luck will turn, boosters will start calling for his head... and this site will be ready.

Questions? Email firemajorapplewhite at gmail.com

applewhite smokes more weed than any other assistant coach in the country...fact
Unethical internet posters make scandalous, slanderous accusations without a trace of evidence... fact.

Prior to this season, everything I've seen and heard about these 2 coaches -- Robinson and Applewhite -- has been overwhelmingly positive. Robinson really turned around the Longhorn D. (How long it takes to convert Syracuse's O is another matter, but the Orange aren't the only program struggling with it -- it appears that Nebraska is finally starting to come around.)

Give those coaches a chance, and I'm confident they will make Syracuse very happy. Applewhite knows how to analyze a D and beat it. What the challenges have been at Syracuse, I don't know, but fortunately Robinson and the AD at Syracuse aren't as stupid as the creator of this blog. They'll give Applewhite a chance, and he'll succeed.

Robinson was awesome at Texas, and I hated to see him go so quickly. At first, I was sad for Texas that he hired Major, but that was a smart thing to do. (And Dick Tomey also wanted Major to go with him to San Jose State or someplace in CA.)

I expect Major to fully succeed at Syracuse, assuming Robinson gets the chance to turn things around. He'll succeed somewhere, and hopefully he'll want to come back to Texas at the time is right. He'll be welcomed!
Major's a great young guy.The problems at SU were there before Robinson was hired.Remember the way they were beaten in Paul Pasqualoni's last game?
I'm a big SU guy and I am thrilled to have a great young guy like Major in Syracuse.It'll be a nice launching pad for his coaching success.
I've read alot about this stuff with him and "weed".Seems a bit foolish to me.No facts,just talk on blogs from some guy who claims to have known him or played basketball against him fifteen years ago....nonsense.
All I can say is that he is a top flight young guy.Maybe I'll buy the sight name www.majorapplewhitecoachessuperbowlvictory.com
This site is retarded, as is the piece of shit blogger behind it.
I'm a Michigan alum . . . based on what I see with the Alabama / Arkansas game, I'm thinking of starting a HIRE Major Applewhite site for the Michigan faithful. We already have plenty of Texas kids playing at Michigan . . . may as well get a Texas coach. So, what do you say . . . turn this site into the Hire Major Applewhite. I can see the maize and blue trim . . . that would be epic. Keep up the good work.
This site sucks balls.

What a joke. Why waste your time and money doing this stupid shit.

Get back on you meds. You will be happier.
December, 2027 - It's time for Major to step down as head coach of the Texas Longhorns.
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